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10 January, 2020

Lyocell (TENCEL™) Sleeping Bag Inlet



If you often stay in hostels or in mountain huts, you know that the sleeping facilities are not always ideal. With the Lyocell (TENCEL™) Sleeping Bag Inlet, you'll always have a hygienic layer with you. It also makes sure that your own sleeping bag will stay clean or you can use it as an extra layer when it's a little bit colder at night.
Lyocell (TENCEL™) is a vegan alternative to silk. It is breathable and odour-neutralising, so a perfect fit for trekking!
This inlet is a zero waste product because it is made from the fabric remains from our manufacturing. That means we can never predict what colour your inlet will be. But everyone likes a surprise every once in a while!


  • Unisex Regular Fit
  • Color: color depends on left over fabrics
  • Manufactured in China More Info
  • Lyocell (TENCEL™) fabric
  • breathable
  • super soft
  • Delivery within Germany in ca. 1 - 3 Days
  • SKU: 1798