The bleed Econyl® Swimwear


With these products made from ECONYL®, a sustainable yarn, we can finally close the circle, and at long last offer environmentally-friendly and functional swimwear and surfwear. Alongside its comfortable feel and superb elasticity, this material also has an important environmental side effect.

This is because ECONYL® yarn is manufactured from old fishing nets and rubbish, collected and reprocessed. This not only lightens the burden on our seas, but also saves energy and natural raw materials. So this is not just creating special products for the sea, but also for the good of the sea.

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What is Econyl®?

The unique ECONYL® process, with production in Slovenia and Italy, was developed to extract high-quality yarn from nylon waste. Material is obtained by working together with different organisations, e.g. with volunteer divers in the Mediterranean, who gather so-called "ghost nets" out of the oceans. These nets, left in the sea by fishermen, are often kilometres long, and trap and suffocate marine animals within them. In addition, ECONYL® collect nylon 6 waste material from the carpet industry and other so-called post-consumer waste.

The use of these post-consumer materials has several advantages: it saves a lot of crude oil, the process is significantly less energy intensive than the production of virgin materials, waste is reduced and a contribution is made to cleaning up the seas. At the same time, a high-quality, recyclable material is created.
ECONYL® have also given themselves the task of making high quality, re-recyclable materials from regenerated materials, thereby closing the loop.

The Econyl® Cycle

1. Worldwide nylon waste rescue

ECONYL® collect old fishing nets worldwide and nylon 6 material off-cuts from the carpet industry.

2. The de-polymerisation process

The unique ECONYL® process sorts this material, cleans it and disassembles it into tiny individual pieces. This is eventually processed into pure granules.

3. Production of Econyl® yarn

From these, a high quality yarn is extruded. The yarn is then finished by adding the elastic textile material Xtra Life Lycra®. By adding Xtra Life Lycra®, this material also becomes particularly long-lasting, and salt and UV resistant.

4. Re-utilisation in new products

Our bleed products are created from the resulting fabric in a small production facility in Croatia.

Unsere Styles aus Econyl®

Hyphen — our production partner

In hypen GmbH of Munich, bleed have found exactly the right partner for the bleed Beach Collection. Founder and owner Peter Reinschmidt comes from surf sport, and, for 20 years, has been a leader in the development of functional clothing that meets the highest demands. With competence in the areas of conception, advice, design and sourcing, hyphen have guided our ideas for a water sport / beach collection until ready for production.

However, the deciding factor in choosing to work with hyphen, was not just their creativity and innovative ideas, but also the great value that hyphen place on the ecological sustainability of the entire manufacturing process and responsibility towards employees, to the same extent as bleed do. For Peter Reinschmidt, it is of significant importance to keep one's eye on everything and under control, and to manufacture fairly and transparently.

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