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Sustainable Gifts

Three questions are often asked at Christmastime: what gifts shall I give, what do I wear when I visit my relatives, and do I really want to put myself through all this stress anyway?

It's cold at Christmastime — keep yourself warm!

During the cold months of the year, it's time for warm knitwear and cosy tracksuit bottoms. One's heart will be warmer still, if nothing has to be harmed to make that beloved sweater or those favourite trousers. Neither person, animal, nor nature. Our knitted jumpers and jogging trousers are carefully hand-made by small family firms in Portugal, from 100% fine organic cotton.

Meaningful gifts for every taste

We often want to bring joy to close friends and family at Christmas. However, what can we give that is meaningful? Products that are really wanted and will not just moulder away, unused in the wardrobe? On our website, you will find all sorts of gifts for every taste and every budget. However, if you don't know what your counterpart would really like, then just send them a voucher. Though it may be frowned upon by some, you can nevertheless be sure that the recipient of the gift will get something that they really want.

Outfits for Christmas

Nothing jumps out of your wardrobe, or your favourite jumper just disintegrates if you so much as look at it, so you need something new to wear? You are meeting the in-laws for the first time, and you want to impress them with some stylish, environmentally-friendly, fair-trade clothes? We have chic shirts and blouses for you, that will surely impress both you and your relatives.

Finally, some tips that will get you comfortably through the Christmas season:

Bake some cookies

They make people happy and you will know what's inside

Give time instead of material things

Time with those you love is the most precious thing you can give For you AND the recipient

Drink plenty of glühwein

This is how to survive every visit from relatives and have fun at the same time

Buy a tree in a pot

It will be ready to give more joy next year too, and it binds CO2