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Recycled Polyester

Every year, 100 million barrels of crude oil are used to manufacture polyester. From that, 70% goes towards producing synthetic fibres for the textile industry, whilst a large part of the remaining 30% is used to make PET bottles. For functional clothes, bleed only uses recycled polyester in order to avoid the so-called 'virgin materials'. Recycled polyester has identical features to the non-recycled material, however the amount of rubbish produced, energy used and CO2 emitted can be reduced by reusing the material instead of needing something new.

What are the benefits of recycled polyester?

  • GRS certified origin
  • free from toxic materials such as PFC and PTFE
  • minimal water consumption
  • 100% recycled
  • recyclable
  • compact quality to prevent the release of microplastics
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