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Questions about the brand

The name bleed is intended to refer to the "bleeding of nature." By offering alternatives, we are taking action against this. We want to protect our living space and favourite playgrounds, hence the slogan, "We bleed for nature!" as well.

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bleed was founded in Helmbrechts (Upper Franconia, Germany) in 2008.

Michael Spitzbarth, who has a design degree, established the brand. From the beginning, the one-man enterprise was well-supported by his parents and friends. Today, we are a family business, still situated in Helmbrechts, the town where we started, and we would like to remain here in the future. The company is growing slowly and independently, completely without investors, and meanwhile is made up of 10 permanent employees. We are a young and motivated team, who stand 100% behind the products we have developed.

Our mission at bleed is somewhat more than just making sustainable products. We want to change people's buying behaviour and, in doing so, show that ecological products are cool and that integrating the eco-lifestyle into everyday life is simple. So, in this way, everyone can do their bit to protect the planet from further bleeding — and still have fun whilst doing it! As an independent business, which operates completely without investors, we can decide for ourselves what we do. Therefore, it is our aim to always make our products that bit better and to constantly improve ourselves. We know all of our suppliers personally, we are in constant contact and we are on site several times a year. Right from the start in 2008, bleed have specialised in products that are environmentally-friendly, fair and free of animal cruelty. We do not follow any fashions, instead we are trend-setters.