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bleed - production - vegan
bleed - produktion - vegan


Whether the vegan diet, or a vegan production, it always means the absolute abstinence of animal materials such as leather. Instead we are using the bark of the Portuguese cork tree for our accessories, patches and other products, it is just as sturdy as leather and furthermore has a special look and feel. But do you know what´s actually the best about it? No cow or other living being has to suffer. We also don’t use silk, since the mulberry caterpillars are boiled alive in their cocoons or get killed in hot steam during the production.

Also sheep do not only live a miserable life, but are often also victims of the so-called tail docking. When the tails of the animals and the skin around it are cut off– without the use of any anesthesia – so they don’t have to deal with any fly infestation. Last but not least we also abstain from using buttons or other accessories made out of horn, as well as mother of pearl , which is produced from molluscl shells.

But unfortunately the pure abstinence of animal substances is not enough, since the abuse of animals runs through the entire production chain. It already starts with the cultivation of regular cotton, which is accompanied by the use of fertilizers, as well as herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. These substances do not just sicken animals and humans, but are often even tested on animals. These toxins pollute our environment, befoul the air and the groundwater, and through our clothes we even absorb them via our skin. But we decided to take a different path. 100% Eco 100% Fair 150% Yeah – and even „vegan approved“ by PETA. So not only have we abandoned the use of any animal materials, but we are also using pure and organic fabrics, such as cotton or hemp. That means: no use of any toxic chemicals, less water consumption compared to regular cultivation and fair working conditions. And since our resources are still picked by hand, also no animal gets hurt by reapers.

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