Upcycled Materials

bleed - production - upgecycelte materialien
bleed - produktion - upgecycelte materialien

upcycled materials

For the first time in spring/summer 2016, we are presenting new outdoor collection, made out of 100% upcycled materials. This means, we only use remnants from the textile manufacturing, which due to the low quantity cannot be used-in the regular production. Tons of high-quality textiles are discarded annually. But this is where we come into play and use those materials like organic cotton, TENCEL® and recyclable, pollution-free polyester for our functional outdoor collection, which is produced in cooperation with well-known manufacturers such as Sympatex. Therefor our jackets and hoodies are water-resistant, breathable and also windproof and offer – supported by intelligent cuts – mobility and wearing comfort. With this outdoor collection we proove, that upcycling products can be just as functional, good looking and of as high quality as conventional goods.

  • 100% performance
  • 100% innovation
  • 100% made of waste fabric

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