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What started as a „green” trend finally became a way of living. Of course that is a positive, but it is also often exploited, and can be misrepresented. By using descriptions like “naturally” or even “sustainable” and wrapping everything up in green packaging, customers are made to believe they are buying organic products. That’s why we need independent bodies, which can finally provide some clarity on the products and production methods so people know exactly what they are getting. So we decided to verify all steps of our production by different certifications - depending on the used materials – this guarantees both, a strict control of the basic materials, as well as a regular check-up on the suppliers.

Due to our mix of functional and natural fabrics, we have gained the following certifications:

  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) – certifies natural fibers in the textile industry
  • bluesign – certifies recycled Sympatex materials out of synthetic fibers
  • OE100 – the labeling of basic organic cotton

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