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Montado Black Edition

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The first cork jacket

We always saw a great potential in the use of cork – not just as an alternative for leather, but also as a sustainable substitute for existing, but toxic imitations. That is why we already used it for accessories or patches. However, the idea, to create even more products out of this amazing material, has always been in the back of our minds.

With the crowdfunding of our Montado Black Edition, the fashion- and accessory collection using cork as the main material, in spring/summer 2015, we finally made that step. The highlights of this collection are the two vegan “leather”, aka cork jackets. As stylish like the original, but in addition using renewable resources and vegan. Free of animal suffering, toxic chemicals and without using exploitative working conditions, cork is the leather of the 21st century. It is not just a sustainable resource with an extraordinary appearance, but it also has a priceless value in the environment. Thus Portuguese cork oak protects the land from erosion and aids the absorption of rainwater. The harvesting of the bark every nine years multiplies the effect of binding CO², one of the green house gases thought to be partly responsible for climate change. In addition to all those great environmental benefits, the cork tree also allows us to create these sustainable and vegan products, without harming the trees. Because our products are made so that nobody has to suffer – neither animals, humans nor nature.

What are the benefits of Kork?

extremely durable, good heat retention, breathable, lightweight, splashproof