Recycled Polyester

bleed - materialien - recyceltes polyester
bleed - materialien - recyceltes polyester

recyceled polyester

Really important, next to our natural materials, is recycled polyester. We are using this weather-resistant and water-repellent material for or outdoor products, like the functional jackets. Here it´s important, that these products are 100% mono-material and without chemical finishing. Cause that´s the only way you can recycle them again after use.

What makes recycled polyester that much better?

  • it reduces the demand of crude oil and the new production of synthetic fibers
  • reduces the energy consumption and the co² emission
  • it´s mono-material and produced without chemicals like PFC

For this exceptional environmental friendliness, the recycled Sympatex materials we are using for our functional jackets, are priced with the ÖkoTex Standard 100 as well as the bluesign certificate.

Why do we do that? The amount of waste that we produce, should be as little as possible and therefore we are using already existing materials. Furthermore we don´t use any kinds of chemicals which could harm human, animals or the environment. bleed – toxic free since 2008.

No PFC & no PFOA.

bleed - Toxic Free since 2008.

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