Organic Cotton

bleed - materialien - bio baumwolle
bleed - materialien - bio baumwolle

Organic Cotton

The white gold of the fields is the basic material for almost all our products – we use it for shirts, pants, sweaters up to jackets and accessories like socks. And it probably looks pretty similar in your wardrobe. That’s actually not surprising, cotton is not just resistant and antiallergenic, but also breathable and moisture-absorbing. Furthermore it´s really soft and comfortable to wear. That´s why organic cotton products aren´t just perfect for your everyday life, but also very useful for sportive or outdoor activities.

What´s the difference between regular and organic cotton?

  • fair cultivation
  • no use of pesticides or herbicides
  • mostly rain-fed
  • environmentally-friendly processing with certified colors
  • without any harmful chemicals

Nevertheless our goods can not only compete with conventional products, but are even better in terms of quality and skin friendliness. By mechanical processes you can also refine the organic cotton on an environmentally friendly way.

Why do we do that? Cause we love nature and it became our mission, to leave the smallest possible, ecological footprint. That´s why we dedicated ourselves to the production of classic, sustainable fashion. bleed – toxic free since 2008.

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