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Just like linen, hemp is a fibre which experienced great popularity before the use of cotton. Due to legal regulations, hemp almost completely disappeared from the textile industry in Europe, but in the recent years it has experienced greater popularity again. We currently use this thick, sturdy fabric to make nice shirts. The highest quality hemp is currently available from Asia. For this reason, we obtain our hemp from our small, certified partner company in China.

What are the benefits of hemp?

  • low water consumption
  • no herbicides or pesticides
  • breathable
  • skin friendly and cooling
  • robust and resilient
  • biodegradable
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Linen is a sustainable and at the same time functional material.


Kapok is a very fine and soft, naturally grown hollow fiber.


bleed uses only materials that have been produced environmentally friendly.

Upcycled Clothing

Too good for the bin. High-quality textiles from leftovers and overproductions.