Free your ass!

Designed to feel good.

Three types of material blends - Three different functions - What type are you?

Trousers by bleed make sure you're always well dressed. Sustainability meets style and comfort.

Your guide to the perfect material blend

bleed tencel hosen

The Casual

  • Breathable
  • More odour-resistant
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable to wear
  • Keeps you cool on warm days, keeps you warm on cool days
  • Made in Portugal (EU)
  • Material: lyocell (TENCEL™) & organic cotton
  • Production has a low water consumption and does not require chemicals

The Sporty

  • Functional styles for sporty activities
  • Super elastic
  • Extra light
  • Breathable
  • Made in Croatia (EU)
  • Material: 100% ECONYL®
  • The recycled fibre ECONYL® is made from ocean plastic and rubbish
bleed funktions shorts
bleed tencel hosen

The Classic

  • Extremely flexible and comfortable
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Timeless styles
  • Made in Portugal or Tunisia
  • Chinos, jeans and Ladies Flex Max
  • Material: organic cotton with elastane
  • Awarded with the highest GOTS certification

Did you know…?

We've been designing trousers at bleed since the very beginning. In the last 10 years, we've continued to develop these designs and do so for every collection.

Trousers by bleed are designed for the long run with timeless styles and incredible durability.

We love carefully considered material blends. They're not just extremely comfortable but also particularly functional, making our designs versatile in use.

Always the perfect match: our 365 Styles go well with the versatile bleed trousers!