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The world‘s first fully recycled & climate neutral outdoor jacket

The world‘s first fully recycled & climate neutral outdoor jacket

We are proud to be one of the first sport and street-wear brands to offer a fully recycled outdoor jacket that has been made completely carbon-neutral, together with fabric membrane manufacturer SympaTex and climate action consultants ClimatePartner.

#WEGOMUCHFURTHER — What makes our outdoor jacket different from others?

Carbon-neutral manufacture

Together with SympaTex® and ClimatePartner, we have calculated the carbon footprint arising from the jacket's manufacture and have cancelled it out again by supporting a fantastic forest conservation project in Kenya.

Manufacturing releases 25,44 kg CO2, which we have completely offset.

Recycled materials

We use 100% recycled polyester in all of our components. Even the highly functional SYMPATEX® membrane is fully recycled. This is how we create a completely pure product.

Toxic free

All the materials we use are free from toxic and carcinogenic substances, which are not just found in conventional functional clothing:

• impregnation without PFCs (such as PFOAs & PFTs)
• membrane without PTFE (Teflon)


  • waterproof with a water column of 45,000 mm
  • Bionic Finish® Eco
  • filled with recycled fleece
  • no shoulder seams to create weak points
  • high-cut hood with width adjustment
  • inner pocket with zip
  • adjustable arm width
  • jersey arm extensions with thumb loops
  • adjustable waistband

Closed loop — how can I best recycle my used jacket?

The business partnership wear2wear make it possible to feed old SYMPATEX® jackets back into the material cycle, completely avoiding waste. The repeat recycling process takes place exclusively in Europe.

Send the discarded product back to us and we take care of the rest.

Take it even further

The problem of micro plastics is well-known. Micro plastics can also get into the water when washing synthetic garments. The GUPPYFRIEND washing bag is the first pragmatic solution for filtering the small particles that break off synthetic fibres. These broken fibres are deposited in the corners and in the hem of the bag after washing and can then be disposed of with plastic waste.

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