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Stand up and raise awareness for the consequences of climate change, with our "Better Climate Sweater"

In Germany this summer, it was rarely cold enough for us to need a pullover. A sign of climate change? Perhaps. As a nature-inspired label, we would like to draw attention to climate change through our "Better Climate Sweaters"

We want to support POW with the "ugly Christmas sweater"

We have designed a jumper that is 100% carbon-offset and supports an important project at the same time. POW (Protect our Winters) have committed to mobilizing the outdoor sport community against climate change. We believe this not-for-profit project is super important and love to support it.

For every pullover from this limited collection sold, we shall donate 15 € to POW Germany.


Use the polar bears on your jumper to talk about the subject. In this way, show that it is important to you.

Inform yourself! Get involved, if you are not already doing so. On this page, you will also find a couple of useful everyday tips. This means you can start to change things in small ways.

Ugly Sweater - Better Climate

  • 100% organic cotton
  • made to be environmentally friendly, fair and vegan
  • short transport distances
  • CO2 emissions per pullover: 13.41 kg
  • completely carbon-offset via ClimatePartner
  • 15 € per pullover to POW Germany

What do the textile industry and climate change have in common?

A whole lot. This is because the textile industry is responsible for a large part of the CO2 produced by man. If there is a growing awareness in social circles of what the textile industry is doing, it has become clear to us that this does not yet extend to the environmental impact of clothing. Material extraction, production, transport, packaging, use and care, disposal. In each of these steps, CO2 is produced. Fast fashion pushes this output to the top. For a simple, conventionally produced cotton T-shirt, this can mean as much as 30 kg of greenhouse gases per kg of product.

In comparison, our environmentally friendly and fairly produced pullover made from 100% organic cotton has 13.41 kg emissions per product (including transport, the period of use and disposal). That is less than half. Nevertheless, this is still too much for us, which is why we offset our products with ClimatePartner.

How much CO2 does the supply chain for an environmentally friendly and fairly manufactured pullover produce?

Is there some small way in which you can help the bears on the pullover?

[Quelle POW Germany]

Spend your money conscientiously

Favour companies whose products and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and who are doing something to protect the climate.

Travel responsibly

Prioritise public transport, undertake car sharing when you use the car, travel locally, stay longer in one place instead of making short trips, and offset your carbon emissions.

Eat conscientiously

With food, look for regional and seasonal produce, reduce your consumption of meat and eat more vegetables. Choose organically grown foods.

Live more simply

Reduce your consumption and buy nothing unnecessary, buy high quality products and look after them so that they last longer, and recycle what you no longer need.

Be smart

Inform yourself, read and learn more about climate change and share this knowledge with others.

Use your voice

Speak with friends and family about climate change and explain to them why climate action is important and why you are committed to it. Share your opinions on social media.

Get involved

Take advantage of your civil rights, go and vote, and take part in the political process. Lend your vote to politicians who stand for the environment and action on climate change.

Our partners in the struggle against climate change

POW Deutschland

Protect Our Winters brings together the whole winter sport community in the struggle against climate change. They mobilise and raise awareness among all participants to work for the preservation of our winters, thereby creating a global movement, since we all need our winter!

You can find more information, about this great organisation, their campaigns and how you can become active yourself, here.

Climate Partner

Together with ClimatePartner, we are offsetting more and more products. ClimatePartner offer companies climate action solutions - from carbon footprint and climate action strategy to carbon-neutral products through supporting international climate action projects.

More info on their important work and projects can be found here.

You can find other products that we are already offsetting via ClimatePartner here.