questions about the brand

What´s the story behind the name bleed?

Nature has already bled enough and it has to stop. Therefore not only the name, but also our slogan was born: „we bleed for nature!”

How can i reach you?

Via E-Mail: info@bleed-clothing.com
or by telephone:
+49 (0) 9252 / 35 02 67 (Mon - Fri from 8am to 4pm)

questions about the materials

Are the sympatex jackets water-resistant or waterproof?

Thanks to the Bionic Finish® Eco and the SYMPATEX membrane, the coating/the membrane is completely waterproof.
But due to the seams, which are not bonded for ecological reasons, we can only declare the jacket as water repellent. However the only time water entered the fabric through the seams was when wearing a rucksack and the straps rubbed on the seams. But we found a solution for this by moving the seams a little downwards, to make the jacket even more resistant. The jacket is highly effective and environmentally friendly because it contains no potentially carcinogenic chemicals.

Questions about the production

Where do you produce?

We mainly produce in Portugal and Poland, but also in China.

China is known for cheap wages and bad working conditions. doesn’t that disagree with your PHILOSOPHY?

No, because we only use producers who are certified, and who operate fairly and ecologically. Furthermore, we don’t think that not using low-income countries for production is the right way of working. Where social ills exist, we feel we can make a difference by ensuring standards are introduced to improve working conditions and fair wages. To ensure that everything runs fairly, the production facilities have to pass regular and unannounced inspections, as part of our GOTS - certification. This guarantees a regulated work schedule and a fair wage.

Is the dyeing chemically harmless?

Every dyeing process includes the use of chemical substances. What´s really important here, is that no living being or the environment has contact with it. . To ensure this, there are biological purification plants. And due to GOTS certification, azoic dyes and heavy metals are generally excluded from our production.

What do you do to control your co² emission?

To minimize our CO² emission, long distances are covered by sea shipment and short distances by truck. Thereby we also unite with other producers, to we prefer to use one well-stocked truck, then two half empty ones. Furthermore wereduce transportation distances as the production of the fibers and fabrics is taking place in the same country as production. And last but not least, we also reduce our energy consumption – and thereby also the CO² emission – by not using crude oil but using recycled polyester instead. Furthermore we ship our goods using the provider DHL GoGreen, who has guaranteed climate-neutral shipping.

Questions regarding your order

how long is the return policy?

Normally fourteen days. At Christmas time we have extended the return policy till the 10th January.

Are there any shipping costs for the return of products?

Returns inside Germany are free.

With whom you ship your products?

We ship our goods with DHL GoGreen.

Do you also deliver to pack stations?

Yes, we also deliver to pack stations.

Do you deliver abroad?

We deliver worldwide, but there maybe higher shipping costs.

How Can i track my order?

You´ll get an email with a tracking link.