Sustainable clothing, produced fairly & vegan, packed in a sporty lifestyle

How about a winter update?

Introducing the bleed Eco4 Mid Sneaker

  • consistent use of high-quality recycling materials
  • climate-neutral product
  • #walkingwithoutfootprints

bleed eco4 sneaker mid
bleed geschenke

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New in - The bleed Windy Heights Collection


Nature is our favorite playground. By doing reflected designs, material choice and choice of producers, we are able to provide alternative products, which harm our planet as little as possible in production, use and disposal and yet look bloody well.


It`s our aim to treat people, animals and nature fair. We guarantee this by highest social standards in production, an ecological material choice and completely vegan products.


We make special and timeless products made of functional and innovative materials with highest quality standards, produced ecological and fair. Thus we can show that a sustainable lifestyle is possible and can be great fun.

Franconian Denim

Franconian Denim

Back to the roots

  • “Made in Germany”
  • organic cotton - GOTS certified

#not with my money

Daily consumer spending shapes our future

Which impact does consumption have on our society? We´ve written down our thoughts.


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The white gold of the fields serves as a base material for many products.


Regenerated fishing nets become new products.

Vegan Clothing

Our products 100% vegan and animal-free produced.

Fairly Produced

bleed stands for the highest social standards in clothing production.