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Vegan Clothing

How should clothes be vegan? Even though you can't always see it at first, a lot of normal pieces of clothing contain parts of animal origin or cause animals to suffer through the consequences of their textile production.


"We simply cannot support an industry which subjects living things to unspeakable agonies or even makes them pay with their lives. That's why we try to use our products to go against this and to show that there's also another way!"

bleed founder and CEO Michael Spitzbarth


How can you be sure that these policies are kept?

Our manufacturers are obliged to only use vegan materials for the production of our products. We confirm this through written agreement as well as regular presence and checks at each manufacturer. Trust is good and important in many cases but without checks from time to time it's unfortunately not enough.


No use of toxic pesticides and herbicides

In traditional cultivation, pesticides and herbicides are still used and large and small animals which come into contact with them become ill or die (and often it's not just animals. For the farmers too, contact can lead to significant damage to their health).


Plant-based materials harvested by hand

A large part of the materials we use come from plants. These materials are harvested by hand. By working without large harvesting machines, small animals and insects, which are very important for the ecosystem and look for shelter in the fields, are protected.


No products of animal origin in the production chain

Not in adhesives, solvents, softeners or dyes. All of these products in the traditional industry often contain animal components. The material that is used, such as bones for glue, comes almost entirely from factory farming and nowadays there is a plant-based alternative available in all fields.


Reduced water consumption and cleaning waste water

Textile production is impossible without water. Through innovative methods, we've managed to reduce water consumption to a minimum. As well as that, the water is cleaned after use in our in-house treatment plants before it flows back into the water cycle.


No use of animal products

Since we're of the opinion that no human or animal should be exploited for our products, we make no use of any animal products such as leather, pearl, wool, down or silk and instead offer plant-based alternatives.


No animal testing

The materials we use, the products created, and the resources used in production are not tested on animals within the fields that we can control.

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