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Scrape fabric

Upcycled Clothing

There is overproduction and waste cuttings in every production. We asked ourselves how you can take this high quality 'waste', give it new worth by upcycling it and save raw materials. In certain capsule collections, together with our production partners we create upcycled collections.


Which fabrics are used for upcycling?



Fabric amounts are calculated for production. After production, usually a few metres are left over which can no longer be used. This can be up to 150 metres in total. This isn't enough fabric for regular production so it can't be sold on. These aren't just clippings, but high quality, single pieces of fabric. These leftovers are perfect for limited collections.


Washing samples

Trouser manufacturers carry out test dyes and washes before fabric production to check the fabric quality, product finish and washing fastness of the dyes. These pieces of fabric have a standard size of 140 x 70 cm. These high quality materials can be adjusted so that they are optimal for selected products.

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