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Sustainable Economy


Tax evasion / eye-watering management salaries / bad working conditions?
# not with my money

More job positions, taxes and fairness for the region?
# for that with pleasure


Our plea for the significance of our own consumer spending!


Shop with more awareness!

We often wonder how tomorrow's world will look: what are we hoping for and what can we contribute? It goes without saying that we don't want to support tax evasion, environmental degradation or poor working conditions. Quite the opposite: we want to reward companies that are committed to a better future and well-functioning societies! But what can we do? There's usually not a clear right or wrong answer when it comes to shopping.


Our daily consumption shapes the future!


Why we should rethink our consumption

Unfortunately, our consumption is currently moving away from regional structures towards powerful major corporations. We easily forget how many of our friends, family members and neighbours are affected by these structural changes. We're losing businesses and whole areas of business that pay taxes to the local area and therefore contribute important amounts to education, social services and our community, whilst some major corporations reduce taxes to a meagre amount.


Societies work when we support each other!


We are strong together!

Even when we may doubt it, every individual makes a difference. And we are never alone in making decisions. There are good examples that show that the targeted avoidance of a company can lead to drastic changes in the company's corporate policy. Perhaps you remember the Brent Spar controversy? In this case, targeted non-compliant consumer attitudes brought about quick results. The oil platform wasn't sunk and the company that had faced so much criticism took responsibility for it. und das in der Kritik stehende Unternehmen hat Verantwortung übernommen.


Each individual's consumption makes a difference.

Fair Fashion Solidarity

For solidarity with no hostility and no rage

We intend to avoid companies that are known for particularly negative corporate practices and to support ones that are important to us. For example, our neighbouring businesses, or companies who campaign for the same ideals as us. We have to accept that the perfect purchase does not exist. But that is ok. And we are happy because, in the end, conscious shopping gives us back a bit of control over this big world and that does us good. Together we are strong. For solidary with no hostility and no rage. When it comes to bleed, we have been implementing what is important to us for a long time: bleed stands for regional loyalty, good working conditions, no ridiculous salary for the boss, no investors, independence, slow growth, transparency: strengthening the region, Germany, and Europe and creating fair, international supply chains in a connected world at the same time.


Our consumption shapes the future, so every day can get a little bit better.

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