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bleed X PETA


Among others we found like-minded people in the employees of PETA Germany, a sister organization of PETA USA, the world´s largest organization for animal protection. Their goal is to uncover and end existing animal cruelty and abuse and to inform the public about such practices. They want to alert the people about the need to protect animals and they want to improve the life conditions of every cow, chicken, pig or dog. PETA´s mission statement: animals are not ours to eat, wear and experiment on or to use for entertainment.

We also uphold this policy, which you can find, reflected in our production materials and methods and also within our collaborations, such as the legendary anti-steak or the PETA support shirt. These ecological and fairly produced t-shirts, made out of 100% organic cotton are therefore also free from animal abuse. Because for our entire product line no human, animal or aspect of Mother Nature has to suffer. This is guaranteed by our explicit message is – stop the abuse of animals. And it doesn’t stop there because with every shirt sold, we donate five euros to support PETA. That´s what I call a useful investment.

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