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A company, we not only feel connected with on an athletic, but also mental level. Liquid Surf was founded in 2000 by Boris Malchereck, who has been living his dream ever since. Together with his team he is giving surf lessons in Spain and on the Caribbean island Barbados. The camp in Lange near Santander, located in a small coastal town northeast of the Bizcaya bay, is the centerpiece. The theme of „protecting what you love”, combined with a the passion for the beach and the ocean is directly concerned with its protection. And this philosophy also determines the everyday life at the camp. Therefore surfing lessons aren´t the only subject on the timetable, but also the generation of an appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants. This includes information work, provided by movies about the systematic extermination of sharks, or more standard theory classes. The courses offered include topics such as the pollution of the oceans or climatic change. Also included are projects such as garbage picking at the beautiful beaches of Langre and conservation of resources and electricity. A new theme includes lectures about healthy nutrition, and the use of locally produced and seasonal products. Surfing and sustainability – a concept we support to 100% percent. Since our first visit in Langre 2012 it was pretty obvious, that we are on the same wavelength. So this wasn´t only the beginning of a great partnership, but also a good friendship. Langre became a welcome addition to working life and also a setting for our photo shoots. In Boris Malcherek and surf teacher Carlo Drechsel we also found great team supporters, who are spreading the message about fairly produced fashion. This cooperation resulted in our collection, which you can find in our online shop.

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