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Recycled Clothing

For bleed, nature is both a source of inspiration and a playground, so the topic of recycling plays an important role in our company. Textile waste and waste in general is an increasing problem. At the same time, resources for synthetic materials are becoming scarcer. Recycling is therefore very important in many respects. For many years, we've used 100% recycled polyester for the outer fabric of our coats and now we can be the first who also use a SYMPATEX® membrane made from 100% recycled PES. Since the autumn/winter 2018/19 collection, we've also worked with fleece fabric from POLARTEC® which is produced from recycled plastic bottles. As well as that, for 2 years we have been offering a diverse swimwear collection in summer which is produced from recycled fishing nets. For our accessories range, we use for example waste paper as an outer and filling material.

In the future we want to expand our range in this vein and to make sure that all products that are currently not recyclable will have sufficient purity in future to guarantee that all products can be recycled.


What is recycled and how does this protect the environment?

Our products are pure grade or biodegradable to the furthest extent so that they can be recycled after use. For example our SYMPATEX® functional jackets are made from 100% recycled PES and can therefore be recycled again after use. In this way, waste is avoided (first through the use of waste PES bottles to produce the fabric - saving resources! - and then secondly that the jackets can also be further recycled after use). The use of recycled materials is less energy intensive than the production of new materials. As well as this, valuable resources can be preserved and the harmful extraction of crude oil can be avoided.


What advantages does the recycled polyester that we use have?



Polyester is very durable and therefore also long-lasting. Good quality polyester products withstand numerous washes, have a good abrasion resistance and neither lose their colour or shape.


Quick drying

Polyester dries very quickly as the fibres absorb almost no water and instead it drains straight off the surface.


Easy care

Polyester products absorb less dirt and sweat and therefore need to be washed less frequently. They're very easy to clean.



Polyester products win most people over with their very low weight.



Thanks to the sorting purity of our polyester products, they can be recycled again after use.



All polyester yarns used by our producers for our clothing comply with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard). This standard ensures the traceability of materials and that production is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.



All of the (synthetic) materials that we use are free from toxic, carcinogenic substances such as PFCs, PTFEs or softeners.


Environmentally friendly

Through recycling already used resources, raw materials are spared and waste is reduced. In order to produce recycled polyester, significantly less water and energy is needed in comparison to the production of (organic) cotton or conventional polyester.

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