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Questions about maintenance

How can I impregnate my jacket?

Products that have been worn for a long time can be re-impregnated at home any time. This way, you can extend the life of the product. Our Sympatex and Guerilla Thermal Parkas already have C0 impregnation. This protects against spray and light rain, and is free from harmful substances. However, if you make higher demands on your jacket, or if you have worn it for a while, you can refresh the impregnation any time. Even after long-term wear, impregnation can make the fabric water-resistant again. We have had good experiences with the environmentally-friendly impregnation materials from Nikwax. For example, they have developed a material especially for the impregnation of cotton fabrics. We recommend impregnation during hand washing. This works as follows:

1. immerse the clean parka in a sink or bucket containing 6 litres of lukewarm water
2. add 50ml of the impregnation agent for 1 item
3. stir and allow to soak for 5 minutes and then again mix well
4. rinse with cold water until the rinse water runs clear
Finally, hang up the parka and allow to air dry. Please do not put in any additional detergent.

What is the best way to wash my new bleed product?

In general
We recommend washing most of our products in a washing machine set to 30 degrees. This temperature is normally more than enough to get rid of rough dirt, sweat and everyday soiling from your garments. For some products, we recommend washing by hand. You can find info on each product on the so-called care label, which is located in the side seam of your product. Please do not put your bleed products in the drier! This helps the environment, because it saves energy, and avoids uncontrollably shrinking your product. In principle, it always makes sense to close zips before washing, otherwise the sharp little teeth could rip holes in other clothes. Products with a print should always be turned inside-out, so that the print continues to look good for longer. Always try to wash clothes with similar colours together, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Who likes to find that their favourite white T-shirt has suddenly turned pink, because it was washed together with that red jumper? Pull your clothes into shape whilst they are still damp after washing and carefully shake them out. Doing this will also save you a long ironing session.

Polyester articles
We recommend washing our 100% recycled polyester products in a washing bag, the so-called Guppyfriend. This prevents migration of micro plastic out of the product into the water. You can find further information on the Guppyfriend here [link].

TENCEL® products
For fine TENCEL® products, we recommend washing in a little laundry bag, so you can continue to enjoy these products.

Coarse knitting
We use 100% fine organic cotton in our coarse-knit products. In order to achieve a nice, thick knit quality, a large amount of yarn is used. This gives a lovely weight to it, but when the item comes out of the washing machine, the water it has absorbed during the wash makes it very heavy. To avoid the product becoming baggy due to this weight, we recommend lying the product out flat on the stand to dry. This will prevent the pullover's body and arms stretching.

My Lyocell (TENCEL™) products are creased, stiff and hard after washing; what can I do?

The fine TENCEL® fibres pull together somewhat during the wash cycle, so this can make the fabric surface seem hard to the touch. To make your TENCEL® product feel like new again, we have a couple of tips for you:

1. Iron the product with plenty of steam. This relaxes the fibres and makes it elastic and soft again really quickly.
2. Put it on. Even body heat relaxes the fibres so that it becomes soft again, though this can take a little time.

What can I do if my product becomes damaged or has a little blemish?

If your product has a hole, the zip no longer functions, or there is a button missing, we can offer you the bleed Repair Service. For this, just contact our team at with "Repair Service" in the subject line, briefly outline your problem (especially with a photo) and together we will look at how we can quickly return your product to fitness. Such small blemishes should never be a reason to part with a much-loved product.

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