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What does organic mean on our products

When we say organic, we mean all biodegradable materials which we also produce without pollutants, therefore with no chemicals with adverse health or environmental effects. This means no herbicides or pesticides during cultivation and no chrome, heavy metals or formaldehyde in the dying process. We use only certified, non-toxic and environmentally friendly dyes. Even when it comes to our techniques, there are no chemicals: neither through anti-wrinkle treatments nor protections against shrinkage in T-shirts.

For us, organic means the entire product and manufacturing process, not just the raw material.


Which materials are included in this group of products?


Organic Cotton






Lyocell (TENCEL™)




What features do bleed's organic products have?

  • biodegradable
  • non-toxic
  • fairly produced
  • vegan
  • no genetically modified seeds
  • no herbicides or pesticides
  • where possible, no fibre mix with synthetic materials
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