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Franconian Denim

Jeans made in Germany


We want to go further. We want to break with the typical approaches of believing that not everything is just about the material. We not only want to create a “Made in Germany” product. Our aim is so much more than that. We are concerned with support for the region, jobs, local solidarity and so much more. #WITHPLEASURE

And we have achieved our aim with the Franconian Denim. An environmentally friendly, premium-quality jeans designed and crafted by great people from our region and the rest of Germany. Be inspired by this project where we have turned our dream of regional fashion full of heart and soul into reality. Curtains up - Action!


2 Versions - 1 Statement: More than Slow Fashion

EA genuine regional handcrafted product. Every process step has been thoroughly elaborated. Our team at the weaving mill in Helmbrechts, which usually manufactures home textiles, has retrained to master the intricate craft of making denim. The materials are tailored and sewn in a factory in northern Germany, which is a real lucky pull for us. Why? Not every sewing room can automatically sew jeans, since this requires special machines and qualified personnel to skilfully operate them.

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That's how regional fashion works!

We have designed trousers for you that not only stand out through their premium-quality, sustainable components, but also excel thanks to their unique supply chain. From purchasing raw materials to dispatching the end products to your front door.


Raw materials
The cotton for the fabric is organically grown. The yarn is spun further in a GOTS certified factory here in Germany. This makes the fabric especially tear-proof, scrub-resistant and dimensionally stable.


Denim is mostly dyed with indigo. However, synthetic indigo dye is very hazardous to the health of our workers and end users. That's why we use cross-discolouration with reactive dye for our jeans. This dye soaks deeply into the yarn and does not seep out when washing, which also reduces impacts on the environment during use.


The washing of Franconian denim is “raw”, which means that it is washed only once. This stands in contrast to conventional manufacturing methods where jeans are sandblasted, which shortens their durability and can often lead to health problems for workers.


Supply chain & production
Almost the entire value-added chain is based in Germany. Only the organic cotton and yarn (because we couldn't find a GOTS certified yarn manufacturer in Germany) come from abroad. The further production stages, from spinning the yarn to manufacturing the goods, take place in Germany. Short transport routes minimize impacts on the environment and allow thorough control of production standards. Initially, our jeans were only available to purchase in our store, because such a local product should also be exclusively available locally to start with.


Climate neutrality
The short supply chain greatly minimises our carbon footprint. 14.3 kg CO2 for every pair of jeans. By comparison, a conventional pair of jeans makes around 25 - 35 kg CO2. With our supply chain, we can help offset the globally rising CO2 emissions.


Regional all-round talent!

Whether you're going to work or trekking in your spare time. Franconian denim will always be your trusty companion. The classic dark-blue dye and cut make these jeans a timeless, stylish comfortable favourite.

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