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Sewing Machine

Fairly produced Fashion

The production of clothing is still today a demanding craft, in which only a few steps can be done by machines. The rest is and remains manual work. Numerous people are involved in each individual product. Every single person who works in this chain is important. This work must be protected and fairly paid. Unfortunately it's still standard for many companies to finish their clothing in inhumane conditions.

It's time to take responsibility.


For this reason, the following social standards are self-evident for us:


Fair payment

  • Freedom of association
  • The right to negotiate
  • Punctual payment

Regulated working times

  • Holiday
  • No excessive overtime
  • 5 day working week

Health insurance

  • Employees are covered during illness

A ban on child labour

  • No exceptions

Protected labour conditions

  • Fire protection
  • Emergency exits
  • Regular evacuation practice
  • Protective clothing is provided
  • No contact with harmful materials and chemicals
  • Safety officers

Ethical business practice

  • No discrimination or inequalities in the workplace
  • Fair treatment with each other
  • The right to open communication
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