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The most environmentally friendly shoe on the market.




– possible with our carbon neutral ECO4 Sneaker. The shoe is made from recycled materials, free of toxic chemicals and animal cruelty — 100% vegan, environmentally friendly and fair.

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Sustainable Features

We have developed a shoe for you, that is made completely from high quality, sustainable components. Its timeless unisex design will captivate you and it will fit in perfectly with your varied lifestyle.

Replaceable inner sole made from recycled cork and PET.
Cork shoe tongue and heel cap — unobtrusive but distinctive.
Vegan adhesive, environmentally-friendly, water-based adhesive.
Outer material: 75% recycled cotton from textile remnants, 25% recycled PET, extra tear-resistant and long-lasting.
Stitched outer sole and Strobel-stitched insole for high walking comfort and durability.
Comfortable, non-slip rubber sole made from old car tyres.

Eco4 Runner

Das Recyclingwunder für alle, die es eher etwas sportlicher mögen.

Unser bleed Runner passt sich durch die gestrickte Sockenform perfekt an den Fuß an und bietet durch die Zusätze aus recycelten Schuhsohlen dennoch perfekten Halt.

Ganz egal, ob ausgedehnte Spaziergänge oder als Daily Allrounder: Der Eco4 Runner ist die richtige Wahl!

Vollste Recyclingpower in Aktion.

Zum Runner

Eco4 Mid Sneaker Edition

How about a winter update? We have a new winter model. Our popular Eco4 sneaker is available for the first time this season in a mid-top design. This mid-top sneaker lined with teddy-style organic cotton is also suitable for the colder days.

We rely on the consistent use of high-quality recycling materials.

The Eco4 Mid Sneaker is a climate-neutral product.

Eco4Sneaker Weiß

White Rabbit Special Edition


We go much further. The white colourway of the ECO4 sneakers was developed together with PETA Germany. The animal rights organisation is successfully active, on a global scale, in the promotion of a vegan lifestyle and the protection of animals.

10 Euro for each shoe sold go directly to PETA, so they can continue to carry out this important mission.


10 Euro for each shoe sold to PETA Deutschland



Sad facts that motivate us to act: the shoe industry is environmentally damaging and unfair. In Germany, in 2017, almost 400 million pairs of shoes were sold. Nearly every single one of them leaves a footprint consisting of toxic chemicals, animal cruelty, climate-changing CO2 and unfair labour practices.


Toxic chemicals

Many toxic chemicals are used in shoe production, which harm workers, the environment and, at the end of the day, you as well! These unhealthy chemicals are not properly disposed of and end up in groundwater.

Giftige Chemiekalien

Animal cruelty and leather

Millions of animals suffer during their harrowing transportation to their place of slaughter. And it often transpires that the animal is still alive whilst the skin is ripped from it. These skins are cheaply tanned using chromium. You can also still come into contact with this harmful heavy metal through the finished leather product!

Tierleid & Leder

High CO2 emissions

Around 65 steps are required to produce a single shoe, some of which are very energy-intensive. These give rise to 16 kg of climate damaging CO2 (on average). This is equivalent to driving a car for approximately 160 km or 3257 balloons full of CO2!

CO2 Ausstoß

Unfair labour practices

A large proportion of the shoes sold in Germany come from Asia. Low wages, lack of health and safety, child labour and exploitation are frequently on the agenda there! There is neither social security nor sufficient healthcare.

Dreckige Hände
Eco4 Sneaker



The four pillars of sustainability make the ECO4Sneaker one of the most environmentally-friendly shoes on the market.


Vegan & free from animal cruelty

We consciously work without any kind of animal-derived materials! No leather, no animal cruelty and, with that, there is also no carcinogenic chromium VI or other toxic chemicals!


Handmade in Portugal (EU)

These sneakers are made by hand by a small portuguese shoe manufacturer. The highest quality, short delivery distances and fair labour practices!


Recycled materials

From the sole to the upper material — (nearly) everything is recycled here! Old car tyres, cotton remnants from the textile industry or former PET bottles. Each material is used exactly where it makes the most sense to do so. For high walking comfort, unique grip and extreme durability.


Carbon neutral

The CO2 arising from production and delivery is 100% offset. The offset funds are used by Climate Partner to support a forest conservation project in Kenya, which has unique flora and many endangered animal species!

Mann auf sitzt auf Treppe mit Eco4Sneaker




Where are the shoes produced?

The shoes are produced by hand in a small-scale factory in Portugal. So they are made in the EU!

Why are the shoes made in Portugal and not in Germany?

Shoe-making has a long tradition in Portugal. As we demand the highest quality standards for our shoes, we rely on the craftsmanship of the Portuguese.



How durable in the upper material?

In the Martindale test, our material obtained a result of 30,000 rubs. Such durable fabrics are used, for example, on public transport. So they are made to withstand the highest levels of stress! You can find out more here:

What is the shoe made from?

Upper material recycled textiles from the furniture industry and recycled PET

Sole:old car tyres and natural rubber

Tongue and heel: cork

Shoe inserts: recycled cork, old car tyres and recycled plastic

Adhesive: vegan and water-based

How is the cork dyed?

For this we use a water-based dye that strongly resembles textile dyes. So it is harmless for both humans and the environment, and - of course - vegan!

Why is the shoe not made entirely from recycled materials?

A shoe needs to be able to withstand a high level of stress. For this reason, it is sometimes more sensible to use virgin materials, for example at the heel or around the laces, as these areas are subject to high levels of abrasion and bending of the materials must be avoided.

Do cork oaks need to be felled after their bark has been removed?

Absolutely not. The cork oak is the only tree on earth whose bark can be "peeled" without causing any problems. This process can be repeated up to 19 times.



In which colours is the shoe available?

The trainer is available in two different colourways: the Graphite Grey Standard Edition and the White Rabbit Special Edition.

Why is the sole so high?

A higher sole isn't just a design feature of the trainer: it also simultaneously guarantees greater durability and higher comfort.

Is the sole ergonomically shaped?

The sole is ergonomically shaped to meet the requirements of the foot. It ensures a very high level of comfort as well as healthy feet!



In which sizes is the shoe available?

The shoes for women and men are available in sizes 36-48.

How do the sizes run?

The shoe sizes run normally. We recommend that you order exactly your normal size. You can find instructions for measuring your foot precisely here



Can the shoes be washed?

It could be so easy - but unfortunately not. Our shoes don't belong in the washing machine. This could damage components such as the adhesive, cushioning, soles etc.

How should I care for the shoes correctly?

We recommend that you waterproof your shoes regularly. However, conventional waterproofing sprays contain polyfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) which are harmful to humans and the environment. We recommend that you use an environmentally-friendly waterproofing spray, such as the waterproofing products from NIKWAX. You can remove any dirt using a textile brush, or by gently cleaning the shoe with lukewarm water and curd soap.



Is the shoe certified?

Yes, our shoe is certified vegan by PETA and certified climate-neutral by ClimatePartner. You can see this certificate here

Can you use the shoe for skating, and will it withstand this?

This shoe is perfect for skating. Unlike other trainers, the soles of this shoe are not simply glued on, but also stitched in place. In addition, the fabric used is especially durable, as it originates from the furniture industry.

Can you remove the shoe inserts?

Yes, you can - this will create enough space for orthopaedic soles, for example.


Shoe inserts

What are the shoe inserts made from?

The shoe inserts are made from cork and a material mixture consisting of old car tyres and recycled PET. Cork is not only extremely comfortable and breathable, but also very robust and 100% vegan.

Where are the shoe inserts produced?

The shoe inserts are produced in Portugal.


Learn more about the vision for the ECO4Sneakers in this video interview with bleed founder Michael Spitzbarth


What means carbon neutral? Learn more in our video:



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