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From axle to axle
From highest shoulder point to the bottom


Article-Nr. 189f

There you go with the replacement product for the functional "ladies striped jacket". As perfect as the jacket was, we equipped it again with the same functions to be wind-proof, water-repellent and breathable.

Beyond that the membrane also is recycleable. Furthermore the jacket is a very sustainable product, as the fabrics are all made out of PET bottles and can be melt down with all its hooks and zips, in order to produce a new garment out of it.

ladies functional jacket
recycled polyester from melted PET-bottles
breathable, windproof, water-repellent due to Sympatex membrane
"bleed for nature" print on right sleeve
sympatex fabric bluesign certified
color: black / mint

Recycled Polyester
100% recycled Polyester

Price: 99,90 EUR

+ shipping costs
bleed clothing ladies mint jacket




1 Axle width 49.55254.557
2 Hip width 4749.55254.5
3 Longest height 62.56567.570

All sizes in centimeters. The values might slightly vary from item to item.
We do use different cuts for our articles, please always check the size chart.
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Organic cotton

First of all, we do not use genetically engineered seeds for growing our cotton.
Our cotton grows up with no need for chemical treatment like pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

By using water recoverey constructions we try to keep the water consumption as low as possible. The cotton from controlled organic farming is hand picked. Our cotton farmers are treated and paid in a fair way. Child labour is not allowed.

Transportation routes and types of carriage are selected in order to reduce carbon emissions.

A few decades ago, applied as THE resource for textiles at all, linen has been buried in oblivion. But we have discovered the natural fiber for us again and want to utilize its special features.

Because linen has an extremely high tensile strength, a natural dirt and stain repellency and an excellent moisture management which ensures, that you will always stays cool, even during strenuous activities.

Furthermore, linen is naturally bacteria-resistant and by the special soft falling of this textile, also fluff hardly has a chance.

In most cases a mixture out of chemical man-made fibres and cotton is used to produce "melange-fabrics" (french: melange = mixed). These two materials react different during the dyeing process and therefore you have two different color gradients in your product.

To avoid these chemical man-made fibres we use two different colored organic cotton yarns. This is for sure time-consuming and leads to higher cost. These costs push the price up, but this way of producing is very effective to avoid the use of crude oil in the textile industry.
Viskose (aus Bambus-Zellstoff)

Die Viskose (aus Bambus-Zellstoff) wird bei uns mit Baumwolle (aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau) gemixt.
Bambus ist ein sehr schnell und einfach nachwachsender, natürlicher Rohstoff. Es ist tatsächlich der nachhaltigste Rohstoff der Natur.

Der Stoff, den wir daraus machen, ist sehr weich, angenehm zu tragen, atmungsaktiv und wirkt antibakteriell, was für Sportbekleidung sehr wichtig ist.
Normalerweise erzielt man solche Effekte nur mit Chemiefasern. Baumwolle und Viskose (aus Bambus-Zellstoff) sind beide natürlich abbaubar und wirken antistatisch.

Ein weiterer Pluspunkt: Mit dieser Kleidung riecht man beim Schwitzen nicht so sehr.

The worlds lightest naturally grown hollow fiber can breathe!
Kapok fibres grow in capsules from the Kapok tree which is growing wild in the tropical regions of Asia and Africa.

Compared to most other natural fibres, Kapok entraps air up to 80% and is coated with wax at the outside. That´s what effects a Kapok textile in being light, breathable, stretchy and water-repelling.

Perfectly natural functions!

The hemp fabric is skin compatible and suitable for allergic persons.

Additional to that offers the hemp fabric an optimal climate. It keeps you cool on hot summer days and stores warmth on chilly days.

As a matter of course hemp is also sustainable. It is a heavy-duty plant, so there are no pesticides and herbicides necessary.
Recycled Polyester

For this one, we tear old soft drink bottles into pieces and melt them down.

You can say, this fibre comes right out of the melting pot.
We do not only renounce benefiting new oil ressources, we also cut the energy wastage - which comes with less carbon emissions - by recycling PET-fibres, as the energy needs are far lower compared with producing new synthetics.

TENCEL® convinces of its breathable and steam-conductive structure in order to keep the body as dry as possible.

Despite the chemical input the environment still benefits by minimizing the water requirements considerably (using a closed circulation system), which are multiply higher at cotton farming.
In addition, nature doesn´t get in contact with the chemicals, as they are being degraded in organical filter plants after a long service life.

That´s why TENCEL® achieves a great input for the preservation of environment and landscape and features some high-performing functions.
Recycled Silver

The silver proportion in that textile has been recycled to 50%.

By that we are able to reach sustainability and a high performance standard at same time. The eco-silver-range provides freshness, because it stops the fungus- and bacterium accretion at the fabric. Eco-Silver textiles are anti-microbial, eliminate odor, regulate temperature and minimize static electricity.

It is also very suitable for sensitive skins or allergic persons.

Save the environment and improve your carbon footprint.
Cork is an ecofriendly raw-material which is won by the renewable bark oft he cork oak. Cork is sustainable and 100% bio-degradable.

The cork oak binds CO2 after every bark peeling. Every oak can become up to 200 years old and save the habitat of unique and protected animal species.

Leading attributes of cork are high elasticity, low inflammableness, water-repellent surface structure and its insulating function.
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